[12-22] Seminar: IoT and Service Research Engagement

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Title:       IoT and Service Research Engagement 

Speaker: Dr. James Zheng,

               assistant professor/lecturer in Software Engineering

               Macquarie University, Australia. 

Time:      14:00 PM, Friday, Dec 22, 2017, 

Venue:    Lecture Room of Collaborative Innovation Lab of ISCAS

                1st Floor of Northern Entrance, No.4 Building 



   In this talk, I will first walk through some real industrial requirements and research challenges in Service computing and Internet of Things (IoT).   I will then talk about research works which can potentially solve these issues, mainly covering fog computing, micro service, and some formal approach to secure IoT.  The talk will be broad but covering some state of the art interesting research questions and directions in Service Computing and IoT, which shall be suitable both for researchers for in-depth enquiry and collaboration, and students who want to know how researchers can solve real-world issues. 



   Dr.  James ZhengPhD in Software Engineering from UT Austin,  Master in Computer and Information Science from UNSW,  Bachelor in Computer Information System from FuDan;  Chief Solution Architect for Menulog  Australia(2005-2012, the company sold for US 8.55 billion US Dollars), now assistant professor/lecturer in Software Engineering at Macquarie University. Specialized in Service Computing, IoT Security and Reliability Analysis.  Published more than 30 high quality publications in top journals and conferencesPerCOM, ICSE, ICCPS, IEEE Systems Journal, ACM Transactions on Embedded Computing Systems).  Awarded the best paper in Australian distributed computing and doctoral conference in 2017.  Awarded Deakin Research outstanding award in 2016.  Reviewer for top journals and conferencesIEEE Systems Journal, ACM Transactions on Design Automation of Electronic Systems, Pervasive and Mobile Computing, IEEE Transaction on Cloud Computing,  PerCOM).