[05-25] LARS: A Logic-Based Framework for Analytic Reasoning over Streams

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Title: LARS: A Logic-Based Framework for Analytic Reasoning over Streams 

Speaker: Thomas Eiter (Vienna University of Technology, Austria) 

Time: 10:00 am May 25 (Friday), 2018 

Venue: Room 334, Building 5, State Key Laboratory of Computer Science, Institute of Software, Chinese Academy of Sciences 


Abstract: The rise of smart applications has drawn interest to logical reasoning over data streams. Recently, different query languages and stream processing / reasoning engines were proposed in different communities. However, due to a lack of theoretical foundations, the expressivity and semantics of diverse approaches was given only informally. LARS is a logic-based framework for analyzing stream reasoning, which is related to linear time logic (LTL) and enhances a fragment of it with generic window operators to reduce data.  LARS also features rules with nonmonotonic semantics, which provides a flexible language to represent views on and to reason about streaming data. We present LARS and some of its properties, and briefly discuss relationships to other similar languages. Furthermore, we touch implementation and applications. 

Biography: Thomas Eiter is Professor in the Faculty of Informatics at Vienna University of Technology, Austria. He worked in various fields of Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence, with Knowledge Representation and Reasoning as main area. He served on many editorial boards, steering bodies, and program committees (e.g. chairing KR 2014 and IJCAI 2019), and is Corresponding Member of the Austrian Academy of Sciences and Member of the European Academy of Sciences.