[11-22] An Introduction to Automatic Structures

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  报告: An Introduction to Automatic Structures 


  报告人:Bakhadyr Khousainov (University of Auckland, New Zealand) www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~bmk 


  时 间:2018112216:00


  地 点:软件所5号楼3334报告厅



  This talk will introduce the concept of automatic structure. Informally, these are mathematical structures that can be presented by finite automata. We motivate the concept, provide many examples, and give simple proofs of some results. For instance, we show that the model checking problem for such structures is decidable. We conclude the presentation with several open questions. 



  PhD from Novosibirsk University, Russia. Professor at math at Cornell 1991-1996, Visiting professor at Cornell 2006-2010, Professor of CS in Auckland from 2002, Long term visiting prof positions at NUS, Univ of Wisconsin Madision, Univ of Chicago, Kyoto University. Marsden fund grants for over 16 years in total, Fellow of Royal Society of New Zealand, three times JSPS fellow, Humboldt fellow, over 50 invited conference presentations, about 200 seminar presentations, STOC 2017 best paper award co-winner for quasipolynomial time algorithm for parity games, A founder of the theory of automatic structures, Univ of Auckland best teacher award, worked in computable model theory, algorithmic randomness, automata, and complexity theory. The chair of the review committee for the school of computer science and technology at BIT in November 2018.